Summer Getaway at Pearl Farm Beach Resort

What an amazing vacation it has been back in the Philippines. I had a great bonding time with my family most especially to my dad who celebrated his 90th birthday. Due to various family activities and moving to my own house, I wasn’t able to explore more of the Philippines this time aside from visiting the luxury resort in Samal Island in the last two days of my vacation.


Nestled in Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal, Pearl Farm Beach Resort is the only 5-star resort in Mindanao that has exotic settings aligned to the Mindanao distinct local culture. The pristine beach, luscious jungle, and bamboo-made water villas will greet you upon arrival from a 45-minute boat ride which starts from the resort’s marina in the city of Davao. Guests are welcomed by a cold drinks and gong sound coming from a native instrument which portrays a symbol of good arrival and worthwhile stay at the resort. Two large swimming pools, white sand beach, billiard hall, golf cart are some of the free amenities to use, to name a few. Water sports such as banana boat riding, kayaking, jet ski, island hopping, scuba diving or even jungle hiking are among activities that are charged per head.


Accommodations are patterned according to the traditional structure of 5 Mindanaoan ethnic groups that range from affordable to very expensive.


Master Bedroom settings in one of the Suite room


A free boat transfer to another island of Malipano which has exclusive luxurious villas is also a must-visit, and ultimately feel the serenity of the place.


Villas @ Malipano Island


Of all the things that I love, the exceptional customer service and welcoming staff are the best things that I had noticed aside from the cleanliness of the surrounding. Kudos to the management!


Bamboo-made chandelier


Below are some of my captures:


Hand weaved by a native in the island



Souvenir shop of pearls and hand weaved items



Living room settings in one of the accommodations at the hill top



Reception house made of bamboo and hardwood






View from the Suite Room 1





A local instrument used to welcome guests





Suite Rooms



I like the idea of this trash storage



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