Five Beach in Seychelles worth to visit

Basking in the sun and going to the beach are the two major activities in Seychelles. As a country lying in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is blessed with a lot of ravishing beaches, others still untouched up to this time. It is home to the renowned most photographic beach along with other surrounding beaches all over 115 islands.

Roaming around the three major islands (Mahe, Praslin, La Digue) to get a pinch of what they called paradise on earth is costly and tiring but undeniably fun. For seven days of strolling around every beach known, here are the round-up lists of top beaches in Seychelles that are worth the time and effort.

Anse Major, Mahe

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Is my favorite beach in Seychelles. Recommended for adventure seekers and mountain lovers. Getting there requires a good stamina to trek the luscious mountains through a trail for almost 2 hours (depending on the pacing), but can be accessed easily by boat for a pricey deal.

Be mesmerize by the cold water spring flowing down to the end of the coastline, feel like Tarzan while getting lost inside the forest or be amaze by the endless scenic view of the Indian Ocean and soak in the fresh water lagoon after enjoying the sea water.

Crowd: Very few people go there so you can ensure good quality time with your partner or even with yourself while enjoying the view and beauty of nature.

Water Current/Depth: Suitable for swimming and snorkeling as the water current is gentle during most time of the day except in the late afternoon when the current becomes rough. Five inches deep after few meters away from the shore with scattered rough rocks in the seabed.

Sand Texture: Since there are two separate beaches, the quality of sand is different – the first has a finer texture compare to the second one maybe because of the presence of the nearby lagoon.

Grand Anse, La Digue

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A long stretch of milky-white sandy beach adjoined by Petite Anse on the other side separated by a boulder of huge limestone rocks. It is the most laid back and naked beach I saw with a far proximity of open ground from the bushes/trees and sea water. Recommended for sunbathers and sun worshippers. Mostly accessible by bicycle from the port for about 25 minutes, but only up to a particular parking point. Cars are allowed but seldom used in this island.

Crowd: Very few people during the whole duration of the day so it feels like you own the beach. Perfect venue for weddings.

Water Current/Depth: The water current is rough and waves are high which is good for surfing, although swimming is allowed at own risk.

Sand Texture: The turquoise water conspires to the fine quality of soft milky-white sands.

Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue

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If there is a competition for the most photogenic beach, I guess Anse Source d’Argent will win the title. Widely known as the most photographic beach, mainly because of the beautiful granite rocks standing in different shapes and sizes that covered most of the place. It is converted into a protected park for preservation and conservation, so getting there required to pay an entrance fee of SR 100.

Crowd: It is the most visited beach in La Digue, therefore, it becomes crowded as the sun goes up. Come early to enjoy solitude.

Water Current/Depth: The current is gentle and is very shallow up to certain kilometers. The seabed is rough and grassy.

Sand Texture: Fine silvery sands but it is covered by the sea grass especially during low tide.

Anse Lazio, Praslin

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The long stretch of gleaming white sand fringed with rustling palms and tropical-almond trees lured tourists to flock to this beach. Aside, the luminous waters and presence of big rocks scattered on the end side of the shore add to the beauty which is suitable for relaxation while listening to the rough slosh of waves against the beach line.

Crowd: Full of beachgoers but not overcrowded.

Water Current/Depth:  The water current is rough enough that it feels like you went from a massage. Gets deeper in a few meters.

Sand Texture: From the outside to the inside of the water, sand is finely white and bright.

Beau Vallon, Mahe


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The liveliest and the most visited beach in Seychelles which is a 15-minutes drive from the capital city – Victoria. This is the most friendly beach for a family with children. Lots of hotels and cottages, from affordable to expensive are built along the beach so it is recommended for backpackers.

Crowd: There is a certain part of the beach which is crowded but you can still find a place of solitude and away from the crowd.

Water Current/Depth: Very gentle water current even during high tide. The deep is friendly for children.

Sand Texture: Fine milky-white sands all over the place.

There could be more beautiful beaches in other islands but they entail luxury and price; the lists mentioned above doesn’t  hurt the wallet at all.

Happy Beaching!


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