Phlog: Paris

It was the start of the Fall season, I was welcomed by a hazy sky and the weather threw cold breeze upon my arrival. Exited from the airport, I heard my heart lifted and shouted with a deaf voice, “Bonjour Paris! Je t’aime dèja”.

Visiting Paris is one of the best time in my life. It was once a dream that turned into a reality, a check to my bucket list, and a fulfillment of my longing. As one of the oldest city in Europe, Paris has a diverse history still preserved in our modern time. With the distinctive culture, beautiful people, romantic language, amazing architecture, and delicious food, I believe that every one of us should visit the “City of Love” even once in our lifetime.

And so, for three days of roaming around the city, day and night, making up to more than 33,000 steps every day, I present to you some of the iconic spots in Paris through my own eyes perspective.

First stop, the beautiful Iron Lady of Paris – La Tour Eiffel.





GoPro capture




Isn’t it lovely and strong, right?

Next stop, L’Arc de Triomphe. Behind the history is the iconic figure standing in the middle of the street.



La Tour Eiffel meets L’Arc de Triomphe




The iconic structure in the middle of chaos


Going down to the art lovers is the Le Louvre, where unfortunately I wasn’t able to get inside, but I will and I must be next time.



Namaste from Le Louvre


For the faithful and church believers, Le Sacré-Coeur and Notre-Dame should not be missed.





I deserve an ice cream after multiple steps




Yes! I made it to Notre-Dame


For the night crawlers who wanted to divulge the nightlife, the street wherein the Moulin Rouge and nearby clubs and bars are situated is just fit for you, although there’s a lot of them all throughout Paris.



Red District of Paris? I think so.


And of course, who wouldn’t love the Avenue Des Champs Elysèes where signature stores and high branded fashion boutiques are flooding? And even nice cars too…


Although there are countless of tourist spots and places to see, including other cities nearby, I think I reserve them in my next visit.

Happy travel to Paris.



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