4 Reasons to visit Gudauri during Winter

Winter could be the least favorite season for many, but if you know how to dance in the snow, it somehow offers happiness that could last a lifetime.

One of the best places to visit during winter for easy access is Georgia. It is a country in the Caucasus region that lies between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, a gateway from Gulf Region for travelers who want to experience snow in less than 3 hours flight. While the country is putting its name on the world map these past few years, tourism is increasingly a significant part and player for the country’s economy – and thanks to their visa-free policy to most countries.

With various tourist attractions under different climatic zones, Gudauri in Stepantsminda District is the top hit and a never-missed spot to visit.

I know there are a lot of reasons to visit Georgia particularly Gudauri but here are my top 4 lists for first timers who are longing for snow.

1. Absolutely CHEAP!

Who would not love the word “cheap” especially when traveling? From accommodation to food and activities, Gudauri is pretty budget friendly without breaking the wallet and even cheaper during winter. It is one of the best places for the first-timers to experience snow without worrying the price.

Where to stay: Ski House Panorama – $57/night full board



Having lunch in the middle of the snow


2. Incredible Mountain views

Seeing snow-capped mountains surrounded by shades of white and gray is never been more satisfying. Although the Caucasus Mountains are gloriously green during summer months, a different feeling and view can be seen during winter time.

Suggestion: Arrange a lunch table in the snow or better yet try sunbathing.



Shades of white and gray




Sunbathing? Why not?


3. Lots of activities to indulge

From free snowball throwing to paragliding and skiing, Guduari offers more activities during winter. Some hotels can arrange land trips too to nearby Unesco World heritage sites and monasteries. Re-start your engine and speed up your adrenaline rush to one of the various activities.

To book your tandem paragliding visit -> http://www.flycaucasus.com



Enjoying the ride


4. Ski capital of Eastern Europe

Last but not the least, the ultimate reason during winter in Gudauri is skiing. As the ski capital of Eastern Europe, Guduari is most visited by adventure junkies and ski professionals because of its perfect ski slopes and location, aside from affordable ski resort.


For ski beginners, you can book a 1 on 1 class for a cheap price.

Not a ski type of person? Feast your eyes to some lady skiers who ski with their 2-piece swimsuit on – in the snow! Thank me later and happy watching.

So pack your bag and book your trip before the snow melts.

Perfect months to ski:  February to April (no snowfall, dry snow)


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