Phlog: The City of Water

Visiting the “City of Water” is one of the best short travel experience in my life so far. It was somehow a fulfillment to my craving soul, longing to capture the enigmatic beauty that lies behind the floating city. I felt tremendously amaze by how it was built as I imagine the laborious work exerted back during the time of construction. With the wonderful scenery and spectacular landscape from different angle, due to slim time, I missed some interesting places which would probably suggest that I will have to come back again.

Where to stay: Alla Torre (booked from – 15 mins walk from Sta. Lucia train station on Cannaregio District. Newly renovated apartment with the touch of modern Italian design and furniture. Clean and quiet. The apartment is run by a mother and son.                                               Contact: Andrea +39 331 1029200 – the young Andrea is very helpful and accommodating.

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Where to dine: With the complete set in the kitchen of Alla Torre apartment, buy healthy raw foods from a nearby supermarket and cook on your own. It saves money and it is healthy too. Don’t forget to grab a local-made wine to complete your Venice dinner experience.

Activity: Strolling, Island hopping, Sightseeing, Gondola Ride

Place of interests: San Marco Square, Murano Island, Grand Canal, etc.

Here are some of the captured images from my visit.


Canal at Cannaregio district


View from San Marco square


Streets and alleyways


Gondolas are everywhere


San Marco Cathedral and the square



A Gondolier singing while holding the oar


Grand Canal during peak hours


Another shot of the Grand Canal


Colorful houses


Venice is also known for elaborate mask festival during the Carnival 


and gorgeous arts


Seems like everything here is floating


Narrow canals of Murano island


Murano is renowned for as a worldwide manufacturer of glass


Colorful houses are designed so that fishermen could see the island during storm


Venetian window




Another shot of Murano streets and canal



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