Exploring Capri on a Tight Budget

I thought I couldn’t make it as the weather wasn’t cooperating on that day. Half-hearted, I continue and embrace myself to face the uncertainties. Fortunately, the sun showed up the time I reached the island, and I felt relieved and fully energised again.

Exploring around Capri and Anacapri takes more than a day but I manage to see the place and its beautiful scenery in one day on a tight budget.

Here are some tips on how to explore the island in a day from Sorrento:

1. Be an Early Bird

As one of the tourist destination during summer, Capri becomes overcrowded from early noon to sundown – so be the first person to hop the ferry. The ferry’s first trip depart from Sorrento port going to Capri at 8 A.M. for the price of EUR 19, and the last trip going back is at 6:45 P.M. Take the round trip ticket to avoid the long queue. Enjoy serenity upon your early arrival.

Budget: EUR 38


2. Book the full island tour directly once you reached the Marina Grande

Once at Marina Grande go directly to one of the ticket booths for the island tour. The full cost of the tour is EUR 18 for the duration of 2 hours and the boat will stop at every place of interest such as Grotta Azzura, Grotta Verde, Faraglioni rock and Grotta Bianca. Remember to take notes because there is an examination at the end of the trip…just kidding!

There is an entrance fee of EUR 13 in the Blue Grotto on top of the full tour package, but I suggest to grab the opportunity to get inside the cave for an overwhelming experience. Calm sea and low tide ensure entry , so plan ahead.

Budget: EUR 31


3. Take the Funicular ride

At the end of the island tour, take the “funicolare” ride in going up to the top of Capri. It cost EUR 2 and takes 5 minutes to reach the main square. Stroll around the Piazza Umberto which is full with cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops but don’t over indulge  – the island is known for as an expensive getaway.

Budget: EUR 4

4. Board on a bus to Anacapri

There’s a feeling of emptiness if you miss Anacapri by land, although you have seen this town from afar during your island tour, it is fulfilling when you set foot on its land. Hop on a bus to Anacapri for the price of EUR 2, one way; take the round trip ticket and enjoy the 20-minute ride while observing the narrow road and steep road cliffs.

Budget: EUR 4


5.  Visit Villa San Michelle

From Piazza Vittoria, take a short walk going to Villa San Michelle. The view of Marina Grande from the villa is overwhelming, so always get your camera ready and take multiple snaps as you like, those stunning landscape pictures will turn to be your award-winning shot.

For a thrilling experience, follow the stair called Scala Fenicia which will lead you to Chiesa di San Constanzo village and ultimately to Capri by a long walk.


6. Buckle yourself up on the chairlift to Monte Solaro

Monte Solaro is the highest point on Capri, with summit of 589 meters above sea level. The spectacular view from the summit embraces the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno which includes a marvelous view of the Faraglioni rock formations. The chairlift cost EUR 5 – one way, but if you want more adventure you can follow the picturesque trail that takes 30 minutes of trekking.

Budget: EUR 10


7. Dine at Ristorante La Fenicia

There’s a lot of restaurants to choose from if you already feel hungry. I chose Ristorante La Fenicia simply because of its affordability and al fresco garden setting. Their Italian salad and grilled squid are mouth-watering.

Budget: EUR 13


8. Kill the time at the beach before heading back to Sorrento

After meal, hop on a bus going back to Capri and from the Capri bus station you can take either the funicular, a bus or walk going down to Marina Grande. There is a beach nearby the port, you may dip into the water or just sit on the beach and kill the time while enjoying the sea breeze before heading your way back to Sorrento.


Hope you have a great time as you sail away from the island while saving memories into your open book.

Total Budget: EUR 100


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