The Unique Gem of Furore, Amalfi, ​and Ravelo

This is another blog series on my recent trip to the southern coast of Italy – the Amalfi Coast. Although Amalfi Coast is comprised of more than a dozen of municipalities,  I spent the last day of my 4-day trip roaming around the three towns of Furore, Amalfi, and Ravelo. These three towns are easy to navigate with as they are nearby to each other but each of them has its own distinctive beauty and way of living.


This reserved town is home to the famous fjord – the Fiordo di Furore, a narrow inlet separated by steep cliffs on both sides. The two gorge is connected by a well-constructed arch bridge which is used as a road from one side to the other. This bridge is also a famous holding ground for the Redbull Cliff Diving during summer. Down under is a pebbly beach which is dominantly visited by tourist and locals alike. Residents built their houses from the bare rock which they called as “monazzeri”, meaning “living in solitude”.



Fiordo di Furore


Few kilometres away is the Marina di Praia, which is partly a territory of the municipality of Praiano. Along the marina is a pebbly beach covered by blue beach umbrellas and half by colourful small fisherman boats. A couple of restaurants and few bright private houses are also lined up at the side of the rocky cliff. Relish the moment while watching the soft waves embracing the beach line.



Marina di Praia


Back on the main road on top, at the side of the highway before entering the tunnel is the miniature town version of Amalfi, beautifully sculpted by the group of artist.



Miniature version of Amalfi




This town was once the capital of maritime republic in Meditteranean way back between 839 and around 1200. The busy and fast-paced life here in daytime nothing different from any other city but you can feel the tranquility at night when the crowds subside. In the heart of the town stands the magnificent Cattedrale di Sant’Ándrea Apostolo (Cathedral of Saint Andrew), a 9th century Roman Catholic cathedral dedicated to St. Andrew whose relics are kept there. Stretch around Duomo di Amalfi are narrow streets and some tunnel alleyways with various restaurant, cafes, and souvenir shops. Although most restaurant opens at 11 A.M., there are some cafes already serving for hungry early birds.



Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea




Souvenirs hanging everywhere


Outside the main square, a few minutes of walk from the roundabout is a beach and a marina which is used as the docking station for tourist boats and yachts. Capture some few shots from the view deck facing the whole town of Amalfi to get the postcard images that you wanted.



Comune di Amalfi






Found this cute car on the roundabout



Eight kilometers away from Amalfi and ten minutes drive up to the mountain is the laid-back town of Ravelo. As an increasingly popular tourist destination, Ravelo is known to ravishing gardens, ethereal view, and quaint churches. The City of Music is home to the Ravello Festival every summer, where various concerts are being held in the nostalgic view of Villa Rufollo.  Outside the villa is the Piazza Vescovado where the Duomo Ravello (Cathedral) is seen, along with few cafes and view deck garden overlooking the mountain village. The main square is a good resting place for and after exploring the town, a perfect area for souls attach to the social network as the free wifi connection is ridiculously fast.



Duomo Ravello


On the far right is the Villa Cimbrone, a gorgeous garden and at the same time a hotel for those who wanted to experience the beautiful setting of the town at night with the dramatic view of the coastline below. On your way to the villa, you will notice an organic vegetable farm lavishly growing which is the only source of fresh salads served in the nearby “Ristorante”.



Villa Cimbrone


The tranquil setup and easy going way of living in Ravello are few of the reasons why my heart left in that place.



Comune di Ravelo











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