The Captivating Town of Sorrento and Positano

Colorful houses, shopping boutiques, and captivating views are the obvious reasons why Sorrento and Positano are the most visited during summer. But these two coastal towns have so much to offer other than that. With bustling streets during the night and bunch of crowd happily laughing with their stuff, I’m sure you will love to explore the place all day and night long.



Town of Sorrento at dusk taken from Hotel Mega Mare


Located in the southwestern Italy facing the Bay of Napoli is the perfect location of Sorrento. It can be reached at the end of Circumvesuviana railway from Napoli for just EUR 3 but it takes over an hour of the trip as it stops in every station. With a population of 17,000 or more, Sorrento is among one of the busiest towns in Amalfi, especially during summer time. Try strolling around lively Tasso Square (Piazza Tasso) during the night, there are a lot of shopping stores from signature products to local handmade, and numerous restaurants mostly occupied by tourists cheering each other while tossing local wine into the air. The atmosphere during the night is alive than the day as most people flocked to other nearby places and island. Miss not the Marina Grande in its tranquil settings where you can spend an hour showing off your bikini and plunging into the beach. (Choose the free beach area and swim with the locals)


Tasso Square at dusk



Porto di Sorrento


The cost of living is far cheap than the nearby coastal towns, that is why I personally love staying and eating in Sorrento, aside, it is accessible to a nearby place of interests like Pompei, Capri, and Anacapri if you want to explore further. Book a hotel along Vico Equense (Hotel Mega Mare) for an overlooking landscape of the town, wherein nearby, is a local Limoncello factory which you can visit any time of the day for a taste of their lemon wine. For more freedom and time of exploration, try to rent a car, it cost only EUR 50 per day, it saves you money and time, and you can do whatever you want. Just try to be extra cautious as the road is narrow and curvy. Drive your way up to the mountain village of Sant’Agatta and end down all throughout the tranquil camping site of Nerano where you can sunbathe on the pebble beach.


The laidback Nerano


Rocky and pebbly beach of Nerano


Meanwhile on the other side of the coast facing the Tyrrhenian Sea is the captivating Positano. Perched on the mountainside are the colorful villas, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. Among all the beauty, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta is the prominent photograph hindsight which is located in the heart of the seaside village. Heading down a couple of meters away lined up the flashy orange and blue beach umbrellas waiting to be rented by beach goers. Soak under the sun while listening to the noisy beach chatters and feel the sea breeze while watching the colorful surroundings.


The church of Santa Maria Assunta (with the dome)




The beach in Positano


Get lost in the narrow street and try window shopping to one of the many souvenir shops and art gallery. Climb to the hilly side of the mountain where you can capture the perfect view of the whole town and get yourself a hundred of beautiful shots from the different angle. If you aim for an extra adventure, try trekking the Sentiero Degli Dei (The Path of the Gods) where an overlooking spectacular landscape of Amalfi Coast extravagantly showing off.



The other side of Positano


Positano Street.jpg

Shopping boutiques in Positano

When it’s time for some feeding, book in advance a table in Da Adolfo and splurge some cash with the choice of your seafood, you can swim into their private beach before or after your meal. Note that the boat will pick you up back and forth along the Positano port for free.


Lastly, spend your few cents for coffee and gelato the local way.

Happy Travels.





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