Who I Am and Why I’m Here

I always believe that each one of us has its own purpose, and I think I almost figured mine. Having a passion for travel, love for animals and nature, learning different culture and going outside of my comfort zone, I know I need to share my journey to the world.

I am a simple guy who dreamed of circumnavigating the world (someday), to capture its magnificent beauty, to communicate with different human race and to share my journey to the people for them to know that God’s creation is worth exploring. I love going to the airport, checking in and checking out at the immigration, flying thousand of miles away even to the extent that I get big eye bags the next day. I love talking to the strangers, locals and travelers alike. I love making itineraries and places to visit and keep on updating all the time until finally done. I spend more time searching and reading travel blogs and websites for most days. I panic when I receive emails of airline flight promotions and offers and book that flight right away. I am fond of listening stories from a friend who had just gone from travel. And I thank God for the opportunity of traveling.

Some time ago, I was once told that traveling is expensive and can empty my bank account but that doesn’t stop me from fulfilling my dream. I am often ridiculed for multiple shifts and part-time work just to finance my passion, but hey, don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely happy with it, for I know I can travel more in a given time – although one at a time. This is why my blog is born, the very reason why I’m here.

My blog is called GLOBALTRAIL, mainly all about my travel, tips, reviews, photo blogs and any other related topics from my journey. I had so far traverse to 10 beautiful countries (and still counting), climb amazing gorge and mountains, visited old churches, strolled quintessential cities, swam the clearest waters and even dive with sharks and turtles, but there are more to explore. For the world has endless beauty and for as long as I am alive I will keep on exploring.


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