Photoblog: Sunrise & Sunset

Our ancient ancestors believed that the Sun is an ultimate god watching the universe while scientists believe that it is the center of the solar system. Looking at its tremendous size, the sun has many uses on earth both living and non-living things. Although there are some negative effects from overuse, the pros still overrun the cons.

Inspired by its magical formation and powerful image, I have come up with a project to capture sun’s immense beauty. And this is during sunrise and sunset.

Below are some of the pictures taken from the eye of my iPhone from the different places I traveled. Note that this post will be reblogged again and again following my future travels.

May the power of the sun be with you!

Have Fun.

*Note: All pictures are solely owned by the author. Sharing of the blog is acceptable but photo grabbing without credit to the owner is strictly prohibited.



Sunset in Dubai near Burj Al Arab

Sunset - Cove Rotana

Sun salutation – Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Jebel Ali

Sunrise at JA Resort & Spa, Jebel Ali, Dubai

Sunset - RAK

Sunset at Cove Rotana, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Sunset - maldives

Paddleboarding while waiting for the sun to set in Maafushi, Maldives

Mt apo

Sunrise at the highest peak of Mt. Apo

sunrise mtapo

Colorful landscape during sunrise in Mt. Apo

Puerto Princesa

Sunrise – Puerto Princesa, Palawan


Santorini sunset

Masses cheerfully photographing sunset in Santorini, Greece


Showing love on the sunset in Mykonos, Greece


Sky hues during sunset in the Port of Mykonos

Stone Town

Sunset at the Floating Restaurant in Stone Town, Zanzibar


Sunset in Nungwi, Zanzibar





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