Top Best of Zanzibar

Located off the coast of Tanzania and well known as Island of 4S (Sun, Sea, Sky & Spice) is the Zanzibar Archipelago. It consists of two big islands (Unguja & Pemba) and many small islands that offer a wide array of exotic beauty of nature.

Whether you are a beach bum, jungle-junkie, spice lover or honeymooner, Zanzibar island will get you covered.

Here are my top list best of Zanzibar:

The Rock Restaurant – it is a few meters away from the shore of Michanwi Pingwe beach on the southeast coast. This iconic restaurant structured into a simple yet local style was built over a stable rock in the middle of the sea. Reach by foot during low tide and by boat during high tide (free of cost), this restaurant offer a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean. Start lounging on the terrace while sipping your favorite choice of local virgin cocktail. Price range is quite high but worth spending. Try the Seafood Platter – you won’t stop munching. Forget not the local way of hand washing before and after the meal too.


Jozani Forest Reserve Park –  a 19 square miles forest,mangroves and marshland which is home to the rare Red Colobus Monkey and other fauna species. Eighty percent of this endemic Red Colobus monkeys are living here –  expect group of the family crossing the road, stop by, grab your camera and take a picture beside them (touching is strictly prohibited). If time permits, head on to the mangroves and walk over the wooden bridge.


Kendwa and Nungwi Beach – If you are a beach lover and sun worshiper, then, these two is a must. Kendwa beach is over two-kilometer long, white sand and pristine calm waters that are very inviting anytime of the day. Overstretch of a mile connects the wavy  and fine sand Nungwi beach. Several numbers of not-so-cheap and expensive resort and hotels are found here – obviously because of the beautiful beaches. Splurge an extra dollar for a sunset dhow cruise or simply sit on the shore, open a bottle of wine or the local Kilimanjaro beer while watching the magical sunset. Wait! Befriend with the Maasai too, you could take some Geographic-ish picture with them.


Mnemba Atoll – a private small island with azure crystal clear waters that is best for diving and snorkeling. Book a whole day boat tour and submerge into a look-alike infinity pool. Play with the school of fish feasting on the food thrown by the boat captain or dive deeper and be mesmerize by other underwater creatures and colorful coral reefs. I’m pretty sure you’ll find Nemo and Dory too!

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Prison Island – is locally known as Changuu Island which used to be a prison for rebellious slaves. Home of the endangered Aldabra giant tortoises which were originally a gift from British governor of Seychelles. Roam around a government-owned resort and think how prisoners life like inside a now preserved empty detention center. Bring a piece of swimsuit as you can dive in the reefs nearby.


Spice Farm – Though not so recommended to everyone, having this tour is like helping to the local village. A group of young multi-lingual volunteers is willing to walk you around the spice farm to explain and show the origin of different spices. At the end of the tour both your stomach and brain will be filled with good food and wisdom.


Though these are only my top list, ensure to make the best of your stay in Zanzibar.











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